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Richard Matthews tells the Burwood Scene ‘Why the Inner West is best’

Why the Inner west is best

By Richard Baini, Director at Richard Matthews Real Estate
Published in The Burwood Scene June 9, 2011

Approaching the end of the financial year has brought about a typical surge in the real estate market. Investors generally apply two trains of thought. Do we buy in an area with stronger rental return making repayments more comfortable? Or do we buy in an area where capital gain has proven to be far more beneficial with 5 to 7 year periods? Like a game of chess, real estate investors and agents are forever thinking three moves ahead.

The inner west has always been considered an area with strong capital gain, however with rental returns being far greater than ever before, we are seeing huge benefits for both types of investment strategy. There are so many boxes ticked off for investors when they are researching the Inner west. The area provides some of Sydney’s most reputable schools, excellent transport options with buses and trains readily available and superbly maintained parks.

Additionally, being such a multicultural area, there is the added benefit of enjoying a wide variety of cuisine. This explains why most agents are enjoying a less than 1% vacancy rate for most properties. Prices continue to steadily increase, so when you find an opportunity, which meets your investment needs – be sure to purchase. Too often buyers regret not buying ‘what we looked at a year ago’, because they felt there would be something better.

What generally happens is that market growth makes it even more difficult to enter the market the longer you wait. With the Inner west consistently providing growth, an excellent investment opportunity is there for you. Make your move.