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Spruce up and sell: tips to increase property value

Selling or leasing your property? As the saying goes, first impressions count. If the holiday season has provided you with time off work, this may be the perfect opportunity to make some minor improvements, that can add some major value. Below are Richard Matthews Real Estate’s top tips for sprucing up your property:

• Get An Outsiders Perspective – Ask your family and friends to offer their suggestions. Getting a pair (or many pairs) of fresh eyes to look over your property can provide new ideas which may have otherwise gone unnoticed, especially if you have owned the property for quite some time. Ask your Richard Matthews agent for expert advice.

• Street Appeal – People often judge a property by the outside (like a book is judged by its cover). Repair and paint where necessary. Keep the garden weed-free, lawns mowed. Perhaps visit a nursery and plant some bloomers to add colour and freshness. Adding some potted plants which you can take with you when you move is a great way to save money.

• Backyard & BBQ Area – If you have a backyard ensure the gardens are maintained, surfaces are swept and where necessary washed down. Clear away clutter, cut back large shrubs or trees to create as much space as possible. Consider setting up an entertaining area. Borrowing an outdoor setting from a friend or family member is a great way to save money. Make sure the setting isn’t too large for the space.

• Walls and Floors – Paint walls and ceilings where necessary. If you are budgeting and the paint is still in good condition, consider using a product like Sugar Soap to clean away surface dirt. Vacuum and steam clean carpets. DIY carpet cleaners might also help to improve the appearance and smell. Consider adding rugs to cover particularly worn or soiled areas. Wax or polish floor boards. Repair or replace broken tiles. When choosing finishes such as paint, carpet and tiles you can appeal to a broader market by selecting neutral colours.

• Garage Sale – A garage sale offers many benefits. You can earn some pocket money and you move less items to your new address, but most importantly it enables you to present your property as clutter-free as possible. Don’t be afraid to pop furniture into the sale.

• Window Coverings – Often overlooked window coverings play a bigger role than we realise. Clean blinds and curtains. Replace or repair broken coverings. If you have external awnings ensure these are also clean and unbroken.

• Fresh is Best – Consider electronic freshener dispenses. Regularly air your property out by opening windows. Smells often get trapped in porous surfaces such as window coverings, lounges, carpets and rugs – so you may consider deodorising these with suitable cleaning products.

• Maintenance is Key – Keep up the internal and external appearance of your property during the campaign. It is an ongoing task so ensure you clean on a regular basis.

If you would like to chat about these tips, or would like a free property report, please call the team at Richard Matthews Real Estate on 9642 4288.


Sydney properties to surge ahead

SYDNEY house prices are tipped to eclipse all other capitals except for Perth over the next three years. Prices in the harbour city will rise 19 per cent – or 8 per cent in real terms – in that time and take Sydney’s median house price from $644,000 now to $770,000 by June 2014, the QBE LMI Housing Outlook 2011-2014 report says.

This compares with 20 per cent in Perth, 16 per cent in Brisbane, 8 per cent in Canberra and only 6 per cent in Melbourne.

The report, prepared by BIS Shrapnel, says the underlying strength of the Australian economy, stable interest rates in the short term, high immigration and a dire shortage of houses in Sydney, will be the main drivers of this growth.
It also predicts that first home buyers will start to re-enter the market in greater numbers next year as the outlook for the economy improves. This will in turn encourage others to return, especially upgraders, as demand for their properties improves.

”Sydney hasn’t fallen in a hole and house price growth has been minimal but has held up over the last 12 months,” said Robert Mellor, the managing director of BIS Shrapnel.

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Social media is hot property!

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In today’s real estate market people are more time poor than ever before, so it’s essential to engage in as many affective advertising channels as possible. Richard Matthews have found social media to be a reliable, growing resource that provides cut-through for their clients listings. Gone are the days where property hunters have to actively search for listings and advice, with the Richard Matthews social media network, this information is now literally at the public’s fingertips. The success of the social media phenomenon was recently lamented with Google’s introduction of iGoogle. Given all the success Richard Matthews has had with social media it’s surprising that many other agencies in Sydney have chosen to ignore this growing medium, thereby disadvantaging their clients.

The Richard Matthews social media pages allow their team to share advice and generate property buzz in a timely fashion. One of the very first steps taken in a Richard Matthews marketing campaign is to provide free posts on their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages. In a matter of minutes your property can be advertised online for the whole world to see, including thousands of keen property hunters. The main benefit of social media is that it reaches a targeted, highly receptive audience that can also choose to share this information with family and friends, increasing your properties exposure even further.

Richard Matthews are proud to announce their social network is growing everyday. For property alerts and advice they encourage you to like their Facebook Page or Follow them on Twitter or subscribe to their YouTube Channel

Happy Socialising 🙂